I Will Live Forever In Your Smile


Garbiñe is not going through her best moment. She has three months to live and a one-way ticket to hope.

Her prognosis doesn’t deter Garbiñe from her duty as a police officer. Leaving her home in Tenerife behind, she clings to that hope with all her might and embarks on an economy-class flight to Barcelona.

Áxel is a member of the Catalan police who lives in a coastal town near Barcelona. For the second time in his life, he has been given a terminal prognosis.

A glance across the room where Garbiñe and Áxel are taking part in a training course leads to a connection that goes beyond the discharge of a Taser. But the path to true love comes with an expiration date for them both.

Can two people condemned to die fight for the love they have waited a lifetime to experience?

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